Here at Pro Plumbing Supplies Ltd we have everything you need for all your plumbing jobs.

If you are struggling to find an unusual part, try our 48hr ordering service.



  • Fittings are always available in compression, endfeed, solder ring, brass and plastic. Contact the store for a current price list.

Plastic Fittings

  • Pushfit & Speedfit stocked in 15mm, 22mm and 28mm.

Copper Tube and Insulation

  • Copper tube stocked in 15mm, 22mm and 28mm. Coils in 8mm and 10mm. Ring for today's price!

Traps & Pan Connectors

  • McAlpine now in stock. 
  • Soil and vent in 110mm ring seal are available in store in black or white or grey may be ordered. 
  • Solvent weld soil is also available to order in grey. 

Soil and Vent

  • 110mm ring seal available from store in black and white. Available in grey to order. 
  • Solvent weld soil available in grey to order.

Waste Systems

  • ABS Solvent weld available in store in 32mm,40mm, 50mm - black or white. Grey available to order. 
  • Pushfit available in store in 32mm, 40mm black or white. Grey available to order.
  • Overflow available in store in white. Black available to order.
  • Compression waste - Pro Multifit and McAlpine available in store. Chrome available to order.